Your virtual insurance processing team

Lets you do the people stuff while we do the rest



Leave cumbersome processes & employee management behind

We know you’re working with multiple carriers, with multiple systems, and none of them talk to each other and share information. Everyone has their own process that must be handled timely in order to serve your customers well. We’re experts on all the platforms, with all the carriers, handling all the insurance things, that can slow insurance agencies down. That frees you up to focus on more serving, more selling, and more growing.

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Strengthen Your Customer Experience

Nothing is more critical to your growth than a reliable experience that creates customers for life. Our fully trained insurance team provides the support you need to deliver quality service on time, every time. And you don’t have to hire, train, or manage them.

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Liberate Vital


Your team is important to the service you deliver. Keep them engaged and fulfilled by taking the iterative processes off of their plates. Our team frees you and your team to focus on what drives the success of your business, your customer connection.

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Access Critical Data Faster

Fast, ready access to data for rating and carrier submissions is paramount to your agency’s growth. Our proven processes will keep valuable business intelligence at your fingertips without taking resources away from the customers you serve.

More than a Virtual Assistant

Your Marble Box service team are trained insurance professionals. That means they do more than schedule meetings, manage inboxes, and send auto-responders to incoming emails. We can literally do ANY process you need between customer interactions, so you can serve your customers better.

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Policy Processing

Managed Processing services free up time for revenue producing activities.

  • New Business
  • Renewals
  • Rewrites
  • Endorsements
  • Audits
  • Cancellations
  • Reinstatements
  • Non-Renewals
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Policy Servicing

Increase retention rates by knowing which policies are at risk for cancellation.

  • Claims
  • Endorsements
  • Downloads
  • Certificates
  • Data Clean-up
  • Cancellations
  • Reinstatements
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Improve financial visibility into your business.

  • Receivables: Direct Bill Statements & Payment Posting
  • Payables: Company (Agency Bill) Statements, Producer & Broker Statements, Vendor Payables
  • Banking
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New Business Support

Move more quickly to capture new business.

  • Quoting
  • Submissions
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Renewal Support

Allow your claims staff to focus on customers rather than collecting and maintaining data.

  • Non-renewals
  • Renewal submissions
  • Renewal quoting
  • Expiration reports

If it’s a process (or it should be a process), we can handle it. Not sure if it should be a process? Ask our insurance process experts about best practices!


We understand how insurance works. We’ve been processing insurance business for over 19 years. That means we know back office processing like the back of our hands. You can rely on us to protect your quality standards and avoid costly compliance issues while you focus on your customers and your growth.






agency clients

“Marble Box I have to tell you they are very good, they're very responsive. I don't have to worry about whether they're coming to work that day. I don't have to pay benefits. I'm not having to pay for another body to be in my office, another computer.”

Maria Fisk

“The team replicates itself magically. I say it's magic because I'm not there doing it.”

Alexander Dopazao

“We found the error ratio of the Marble Box teamwork to ours was, is a lot lower. And I think it’s because they're not multitasking. Our staff has to answer the phones and they have other distractions, be it personal or work around them. And Marble Box is just as fast at getting the work done.”

Steve Earl

Stop multi-tasking your customers and leave the busy work behind

We know you’ve been bogged down with busy work insurance carriers have passed over to agents just like you over the past few years. That means you’re handling computer work, while answering customer emails and answering phones and trying to create a great place to work and strategically planning the growth of your business. Your work may have doubled, but your commissions haven’t. 

That’s why we take repeatable processes, and the employees who manage them, off your plate. That way you and your team can focus more attention on your clients and your business.

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Schedule an Assessment

Our process experts will get to know your business, your processes, and your unique needs. We’ll identify repeatable processes, systems that require double entry, and other tasks that are distracting your team from your customers.

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Collaborate with Our Team

We’ll put together an implementation plan that shows you how we can save you time and money, while giving your customers an even better experience with your team. Within a few weeks, you’ll have a team of insurance experts trained on your systems.

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Focus to Grow

Marble Box can grow with you. The more you work with our team, the more possibilities you’ll see to free your team from work that slows them down. Your customers deserve your undivided attention. And connecting with customers is the surest path to grow.

Marble Box insurance pros bring you more

That's a promise.

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Change can seem uncertain for any team. But once we start freeing your team from the burden of "busy work," they'll never want us to leave.

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Data security is woven into the very DNA of our culture. We protect your information on our software and hardware with the tightest security available.

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No processes? No problem. We can tell you which processes will work best, give you best process practices, or follow your procedures to the letter, every time.

We think like insurance agents

In order to be insurance processing pros, we train our agents in the insurance business, insurance software and systems, and your insurance agency customer experience.

Every Employee Receives Rigorous Training Before They Process One Piece of Your Business





Break free from admin work and pursue your goals with everything you've got

Your agency doesn’t have to do all the gruntwork. We provide managed admin services that can boost your volume and your excellence, without long-term contract commitments.