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When founder Ani Poddar started Marble Box in 2002, all he had was an opportunity

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It was 2002 and founder, Ani Poddar, was working on a business plan, for a business he was about to launch. One of the items on the checklist was “buying business insurance”. So he looked up in the yellow pages (yes, that is where consumers found businesses, back in the day) and called up one of the largest agencies in the Midwest.

A business lunch followed that initial phone call. And over lunch, the owner of the agency talked about insurance back-office outsourcing.

Ani had no insurance background, no outsourcing experience, and he had never started a business from scratch. Yet he understood there was a business need and he was driven to make a difference.

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Ani saw a problem and created a solution

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Ani quickly realized that he was well positioned to respond to the business need. Earning his graduate degree at UW, Madison and having worked in the U.S., he understood U.S. business needs. Hailing from India, he had key relationships in his homeland to help him find smart, educated and willing colleagues to work on this idea. This is where he made the connection of his solution and the insurance industry’s needs.

Listening builds a business

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Listening intently to exactly what the insurance agencies needed, Ani hired an intern and used a credit card to buy the first Marble Box computer. The duo learned the ins and outs of the insurance business and the processes that drive it, from the people who knew it best – the insurance agents. Over the next few years, the new Marble Box team built checklists, systems, and quality control teams to execute the processes that keep insurance agencies moving forward. All with feedback directly from insurance agents who wanted to grow.

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The one message we heard from agencies across the board, from the very beginning, was the need for consistency and accuracy. The stakes are high in the insurance business and errors are costly to agents, insurance companies, and ultimately to the customers you serve. Above all, your customers deserve for us to get the right things right. Because businesses, lives, and livelihoods rely on the security the right insurance provides.

One way we’re able to provide consistent results to our clients is by providing a consistent, supportive, and enjoyable place to work. You can feel confident knowing your support team is focused on their work because they have the security of competitive pay and the encouragement and opportunity to grow in their careers, education, and their lives.

Getting things right, over and over again, has been in our blood since we started.

Remember the intern who helped Ani start the business? He’s now the General Manager of Marble Box.



Our insurance agency partners also wanted a predictable cost per transaction so they could accurately predict their expenses. They needed to know they were getting a return on their investment with us. So we always provide service level agreements that include a predictable number of transactions we can accomplish in a specific period of time. 

Agencies can view our project management system anytime to see the work that has been completed and what work is on deck. And you can reach us any time. We have 24/7 support.



Change happens. It always has, and our partners made us aware of that from the start. The industry shifts. New technologies and systems come and go. Priorities realign. Insurance carriers acquire and restructure. 

That’s why we employ the best and brightest. Our consistency and accuracy allow you to run your business smoothly and predictably. AND the ability to adapt and learn means we grow and change as you do. Our teams are made up of dedicated representatives with trained back-ups. They follow your processes to the letter. Then, when you are ready to implement something different or new, we learn, change, and produce consistent results again.

We employ the best and brightest, allowing you to run your business smoothly and predictably.

Building and implementing processes that work for you

Every insurance agency has processes they follow. Some have them documented and some need them documented. And each agency operates a little differently than the rest. 

We’re used to following processes and we’re used to building processes from almost nothing. We’re used to slight differences, and we’re used to completely different approaches. 

Customizing our experience to your agency is exactly how we started. We listened and documented and then we executed accurately again and again. That method has worked for our clients for decades, and it’s one we still use.

850 employees strong, getting the right things right, for decades long

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Now we’re over 850 employees strong, which means you’ll always have a full team supporting your agency every step of the way. We built this business by getting the right things right, time after time.

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We grow together

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We like to say we’ve learned insurance process outsourcing from the best because we learned it from insurance agents just like you.

With your Marble Box insurance process team, you can concentrate on doing the people stuff because we 100% take care of the rest.

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