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Amit A.

General Manager

My passion as a professional is driven by honest effort and real results. I'm an avid reader with a love for sports. Anything is possible!

Abhijit D.

Senior Operations Manager

I'm a process driven and systematic individual who admires discipline. I am also a team player who advocates appreciation and motivation!

Rupak B.

Assistant General Manager

I'm an independent and creative man, ready to take on the world. Although introverted, adventure has always seemed fascinating to me.

Amit K.

Operations Manager

I'm not much of the talkative kind, unless I want to be. I do love watching culinary shows and football. My weak spot is Chronographs!

Ayan D.

Operations Manager

I'm a big-time CR7 fan and have a craze for biking. Love to be active and enjoy my gadgets!

Kamal D.

Operations Manager

Standing by my family through tough times is my purpose in life. A goal, deserving all of my effort.

Ashish M.

Transition Manager

Music from the 90's is my favorite. Scuba diving and sky diving are dreams that I chase. Honesty and dedication are my mantras to success.

Khalid N.

Deputy Manager Finance

I am a curious learner, a passionate trainer and a creative individual. A compulsive foodie and a voracious reader. Music keeps me going.

Amit B.

Training Manager

Manoj S.

Administrative Manager

I'm a risk taker who silently works towards achieving goals. I love traveling and don't believe in the impossible

Akash M.

Assistant Operations Manager

Football and music are the driving forces of my life. I love living each day to the fullest!

Gulam M.

Assistant Operations Manager

I have a simple and soft spoken personality driven by straight forwardness. Fascinated by new tasks and challenges.

Kaustav D.

Assistant Operations Manager

I love racing. When it comes to motors, I have no bounds. Motorsports over sports any day!

Priyanka A.

Assistant Operations Manager

I'm an experimental chef! Baking is my personal favorite. My dreams consist of being able to gift my parents a lovely home.

Sanjoy D.

Assistant Operations Manager

I love reading books and watching blogs, there is always so much to learn. I believe financial planning is the key to survival.

Sanjukta N.

Assistant Operations Manager

I am the powerhouse of positivity. One day I fancy being a motivational speaker My perfect retirement comprises of sand, sun, and serenity.

Sourav M.

Assistant Operations Manager

Happy and helpful. I'm a traveler who conquers the untraveled, and spreads joy. Stay positive!

Subankar B.

Assistant Operations Manager

I believe happiness is in the simplest. I would love to retreat to a hill station and live at one with nature.

Debduti P.

Operations Manager

I'm a food aficionado who believes in fairytales. Music is my life, travelling is my peace. New places and cultures never fail to intrigue.

Varun S.

Assistant Transition Manager

Hills and greens are my favorite! The serenity is all, that I crave. Reaching Siliguri and missing out on Darjeeling won't happen again.

Suraj S.

Assistant Transition Manager

A free spirit seeking to travel across the ocean. My belief is dreams are made of a happy life travelling across the continents.

Moumita D.

Assistant Training Manager

Helping others build themselves is the source of my satisfaction. I love tuning in to melodies and experimentation with cooking.

Anil G.

IT Manager

My life revolves around proactive learning, dreaming, cycling, and fitness.

Trichur K.

IT Manager

I'm best described as a motorcycle enthusiast that loves long distance rides and a running motor. A passionate handyman as well!

Suman M.

Finance Manager

A passionate gardener and painter who dreams of being a CFO. Simple yet significant is who I am.

Abhijit G.

Manager - Talent Aquisition

I'm a dreamer who loves making friends and taking long drives. A music fanatic at heart.

Rumela G.

Assistant Manager Training

A simple life is all that is required. reading novels and spending time with my family amidst nature are the best things imaginable.

Sourav G.

Sr. Customer Experience Manager

Road trips and adventures are the perfect detox. A movie buff who finds comfort in spending time with friends and family. An aspiring chef.

Piyali C.

Assistant Training Manager

Discovering the unknown, film making and photography. Simply delightful. Fiction vs Non-Fiction? Well, how about both?

Arnab B.

Assistant Transition Manager

Travel and music have been constants, where Darjeeling Mall Road moves the mind, R.D Burman moves the soul.

Sk Tanjil Ali

Operations Manager

I am an avid biker, who loves dominating the streets. Music, singing and sports are what I find fun.

Liyona G.

Manager HR Operation