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Which tasks will give you the greatest impact, fastest?

When insurance agencies ask us the question, ”How long will it take for me to see an ROI,” we know they are looking for results and FAST. With decades in the business, our experience tells us the same thing, across the board. Almost every agency will see the fastest results if they start by outsourcing their Policy Processing Package.

Here's why:

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We Make It Easy

Our detailed SOPs & Checklists make Policy Processing the easiest workflow for the agencies to hand off.

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It Reduces Exposure

Many agencies are unable to check all their policies against source documents. This is due to the paucity of time and needing to attend to other revenue-generating tasks. Unchecked policies are an E&O exposure.

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You Get Time Back, Quickly

Policy processing is a high volume task and takes up a lot of the service staff’s time. Delegating this task frees up the agency’s time to sell more and offer more customer contact, more often.

The Marble Box roadmap to agency outsourcing success


No matter which insurance process you choose to outsource first, we have a roadmap to make this journey worth every effort for you, for your team, and for the customers you serve.

For a given process, we start with our best practices and then customize (if needed) that workflow to adapt to your agency's needs. This is the best of both worlds - standardization and customization.

“I joked around with my staff one day and said we’re going to get rid of Marble Box, and they were all freaking out saying, ‘NO, YOU CAN’T.’ The team would be so upset if we didn’t have Marble Box. They’re just a huge help and a huge part of what we do now.”

- Andrew M., Mappus Insurance Agency

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Identify Tasks

If you’re not sure which tasks should come first, a. talk to one of our insurance process experts, or b. our onboarding team will walk you through exactly how to prioritize what comes first.

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Document Processes

If you have processes already, great! We’ll use them. No processes written anywhere? No worries. Our experience with hundreds of insurance agencies has allowed us to build best practice documentation, so you’ll never start from scratch. Our team knows how to get what’s in your head (or the heads of your team) onto “paper.”

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Build a Dedicated Team

Our level of consistency and accuracy is second to none. We make that happen with focus. Right now your team is constantly having to multi-task with customer calls and emails and other projects you’ve assigned to them. When you hire Marble Box, you hire a dedicated team to focus solely on your tasks. You’ll have the same people working on the same tasks day in and day out. That’s how we get it right again and again.

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Pilot Tasks

We know you want to hand over documentation, outsource your tasks, and not have to spend much time thinking about it after that. That’s our goal too. And the way we make that happen is to test each process before we go live. Even the best documentation usually has a few gaps. When we execute pilot tasks in test mode, we can identify any issues so when we go live, we get it right.

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Establish Benchmarks

Once we nail down the process, and you verify we’re getting it right, it’s time to fine-tune the execution. We work with your dedicated team to lock down the time it takes to execute each task so you can predictably forecast the number of hours you need from us to complete the level of work required to run your business smoothly.

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Go Live and Grow

You need a reliable way to get the repeatable tasks completed for your agency. You don’t want to have to babysit processes or the people who do them. Outsourcing to Marble Box means you don’t have to worry about your process if someone calls in sick. We have trained back-ups for every account. And you don’t have to worry about errors increasing. We have a dedicated quality control member on every team. With Marble Box, you train us once, and we do the rest.

We build your service team for responsiveness, consistency, and transparency

(number of Marble Box team members in each role depends on the size of the engagement)

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Every account has a dedicated account processor with someone trained as backup. You will also have an account manager to oversee the Marble Box team. You don’t have to worry about sick days or training new employees on the work we do. We take care of all of that for you.

We have 24 hour support available to you. You receive regular status updates through the agency management system, or you can contact us via phone or video call.

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Each member on your account is fully trained. Marble Box arrives with best practices (procedures for workflows). The processing team uses these procedures (built just for you). Every client has a quality control team member who uses thorough checklists to audit the transactions done by the processing team.

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When you hire someone to do work with you, you want to know they are spending their time efficiently on the right things. That’s why we give you detailed reports on the numbers of transactions processed and the amount of time it took us to process them. This is the Marble Box way of giving you full visibility into the efficiency and productivity, that Marble Box is accountable for.

As your business grows, so can your account team.

The smartest agents in the business ask these questions before outsourcing

While our team members aren’t licensed, they are required to complete 460 hours of rigorous training in insurance practices and systems before they can even begin to serve on an account.

We start with 1 hour for technical setup, and another 3 - 4 hours to walk us through your workflows. The remaining amount of time you’ll need to spend with us before we’re up and running full-time will depend on the level of documentation you already have in place for the work you are outsourcing.

At Marble Box, we believe you should be able to adapt to changing environments quickly. You can always increase the level of work you would like to outsource at any time. And that’s also why we don’t require annual contracts. We only ask for 60 days notice.

With every Marble Box support team, you get a dedicated representative, a manager, AND a dedicated quality control person. That’s why our clients rave about our accuracy. We also guarantee service levels based on transactions vs the number of hours worked.

That’s exactly why we have trained backups for every account, ready at a moment’s notice. Whether someone is unexpectedly absent, or there is normal attrition in our staff, we have you covered. You won’t have to retrain us.

We have a dedicated quality assurance person on every client team. That’s why our clients rave about our accuracy level. Our clients also tell us we’re the most transparent in the business. We absolutely take responsibility any time there is an error. If our quality team discovers an error, we bring it to your attention with a plan of remediation.

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