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Free yourself from the endless service task to-do list with the Marble Box Task Processing Plan

This Plan Includes

Dedicated Team Member
Dedicated Back-Up Team Member
Dedicated Manager
Quality Control
Dedicated Email Inbox for Task Intake
Processors with at least 460 hours of insurance training
Marble Box Best Practice Workflows Customized for Your Agency

Work Hours: U.S. Business Hours + Overnight

*All plans require a minimum work commitment of 40 hours per week or 1 full-time person

Worried you do not have enough work for a full-time team member? We will help identify tasks that will fill the gaps.

Our Bundles (In the Task Processing Plan)

Marble Box Team Members Are Trained to:

Work within Agency Management Systems

Process Downloads

Complete Endorsements

Process New Business & Renewals

Access Carrier Websites

Manage Emails

Utilize Agency Raters to Run Quotes

Execute Accounting Tasks

Marble Box's Task Processing Plan Quick FAQs

Yes. In addition, we follow a dedicated team approach. At 40 hours per week, you will have one dedicated team member assigned to your account.

You will need to choose at least one package to begin. Additionally, you can choose a combination of packages as long as you are filling the minimum of 40 hours of work, per week.

When we start working with an agency, we customize our best practices as per the agency specifications. This is done for each task delegated to us. These customized workflows are shared with the agency for final approval. These workflows are then used by team members to ensure that tasks are done consistently and accurately.

All team members are rigorously trained on insurance concepts, workflows, and leading agency management systems. Your dedicated team member will be thoroughly trained on your agency specific workflows, in addition to knowing your agency management system.

Unfortunately, no. The tasks in a package are grouped in a way where we will be working on a group of similar tasks. This will help you to see better value in using Marble Box and also help you meet the minimum requirement of 40 hours per week, of work.

We will first work with you to lock down a benchmark for each task that you select to delegate to us. Then each week we will share a report with you detailing the number of transactions worked on for each task and the amount of time taken (as per the benchmarks established). This reporting model gives the agency full visibility into the efficiency and productivity of their Marble Box processing team.

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Maria F.

International Insurance Center, Inc

“Marble Box I have to tell you they are very good, they're very responsive. I don't have to worry about whether they're coming to work that day. I don't have to pay benefits. I'm not having to pay for another body to be in my office, another computer.”

Alexander D.

Dopazo & Associates Insurance

“The team replicates itself magically. I say it's magic because I'm not there doing it.”

Steve E.

Bauld Insurance

“We found the error ratio of the Marble Box teamwork to ours was, is a lot lower. And I think it’s because they're not multitasking. Our staff has to answer the phones and they have other distractions, be it personal or work around them. And Marble Box is just as fast at getting the work done.”

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