Marble Box Task Processing Plan

Free your team up to focus on what matters most: Client Retention, Organic Growth, & a Strong Sales Pipeline


Is Your Team Bogged down With
Endless Processing & Task Lists?

Without delegating back-end service tasks,

your agency will continue to struggle with...

Poor client experience

Decrease in client retention

Lack of new business opportunities


Poor workplace culture

Stalled agency growth

Inability to scale

Your team should not be investing their precious time completing mundane process and tasks. Instead, free them up to focus on the things that matter most to your business: protecting and retaining your clients while also growing your agency.

How does the Marble Box
Task Processing Plan Work

Your Agency Gets a Dedicated and Trained Processing Team

Your agency will have a dedicated processing team member who will be completing the day-to-day tasks. In addition, there will be a dedicated backup assigned to your agency. You will also have an experienced manager, who will oversee all activity on your account, and be your point of contact. 

We Provide Extensive Quality Control

We care deeply about the quality and output of our work. All tasks completed at Marble Box are checked by a quality control team. With over 19 years of experience, our team has developed comprehensive quality control checklists to ensure that all critical areas are thoroughly checked. 

We Give You Complete Transparency on Tasks Accomplished

Every week we send you a report with the details of the tasks completed during the course of the week. This report also contains the amount of time that was spent in completing these tasks. Therefore, you will have full visibility into all Marble Box actions taken on your account.

Our Proven Process for the Task Processing Plan


Select Your Package(s)

View our various packages available for service + Task Processing.

Onboard with the Marble Box Processing Team

Work with the Marble Box team to identify your tasks, lock down customized workflows, and setup access to your agency management systems and carrier websites.

Delegate With Confidence knowing the Processing Team's Got This!

Your dedicated team member from Marble Box will manage and execute all work for your agency. The manager of your processing team will serve as your main point of contact.

Monthly Check-ins and Quarterly Reviews with your Account Manager

Your account manager at Marble Box reaches out to you every month to solicit feedback, identify areas of improvement, and address any other issues. During quarterly reviews, the account manager takes a deep dive into other items we can help your agency with.

Which Bundle Fits Your Agency Best?


Policy Servicing

There are three packages available within policy servicing to support your team. This includes policy reviews, new and renewal business processing, certificate of insurance, endorsements, claims and more.



There are two packages available within quoting to support your team with submissions, re-marketing, and new business quoting for both personal lines and commercial lines.



The accounting package is designed to support your team with the management of processing direct bill statements, agency billed statements, payment posting, producer and broker statements, and vendors payable.

*To ensure the minimum requirement of 40 hours per week is met, your agency must choose one or more of the packages available with the Task Processing Plan. Our on-boarding team is happy to assist you in selecting the tasks and work volume required to meet the 40 hours.

Is Marble Box's Task Processing Plan
Right For You?

What Our Clients Have to Say
Working With Marble Box's Processing Team

Maria F.

International Insurance Center, Inc

“Marble Box I have to tell you they are very good, they're very responsive. I don't have to worry about whether they're coming to work that day. I don't have to pay benefits. I'm not having to pay for another body to be in my office, another computer.”

Alexander D.

Dopazo & Associates Insurance

“The team replicates itself magically. I say it's magic because I'm not there doing it.”

Steve E.

Bauld Insurance

“We found the error ratio of the Marble Box teamwork to ours was, is a lot lower. And I think it’s because they're not multitasking. Our staff has to answer the phones and they have other distractions, be it personal or work around them. And Marble Box is just as fast at getting the work done.”

It's Time to Grow & Scale with Marble Box

Let us help you choose a plan that's just right for your agency