Marble Box Virtual Assistant Plan

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Are you feeling stuck when it comes to
growing your agency?

Back-end administrative tasks are necessary. However, they do not add much value to client relationships. Because these service tasks are tedious and time consuming, your agency struggles with...

Lack of organic growth

Poor client retention

Overwhelmed & overworked employees


Employee Turnover

Recruitment of top talent

Agency profitability

It's not worth the fight. Select the Marble Box Virtual Assistant plan and get a dedicated and fully trained remote employee to delegate the mundane back-end tasks to. This allows you and your team to focus on building solid client relationships and growing your agency.

How does the Marble Box
Virtual Assistant Plan Work?

Your Agency Gets a Dedicated Remote Employee

By opting for the virtual assistant plan, you will get a dedicated remote employee that works specifically for your agency. They will have a dedicated U.S. phone number and work the same hours as your agency.

Your Virtual Assistant Comes With 460+ Hours of Training

All Marble Box Virtual Assistants come fully trained with over 460 hours of professional development on insurance-related tasks, including client-facing activities and back-office duties.

You Receive Daily & Weekly Productivity Reports

Each Virtual Assistant has a manager at Marble Box who oversees their daily output, and will share with you daily & weekly reports so you have full visibility on your Virtual Assistant's productivity.

Virtual Assistants work the same hours as your agency

In order to maintain efficient workflows, we ensure that your dedicated virtual assistant will work the same hours as your agency. Therefore, giving you the ability to contact them at any point during your daily work hours.

Your Virtual Assistant has a Dedicated U.S. Phone Number & Email

All virtual assistants are given a dedicated U.S. phone number, which allows them to contact clients, carriers, banks, and more. The dedicated email gives them the ability to interact with your agency's internal team members.

Not sure what tasks you can offload to your Virtual Assistant? Here is a list to get you thinking...


Answer incoming service calls

Call or email your insurance carriers

Call or email banks and mortgagees

Call insureds for payment reminders

Follow-up on applications

Collect information for quotes

Back-office tasks & activities

Select Your Virtual Assistant

Interview Marble Box's Virtual Assistants and select a candidate that is just right for your agency.

Onboard Your Virtual Assistant

Work with the Marble Box Team to identify and setup your Virtual Assistant's tasks, processes, and systems. And don't worry, they will be well trained beforehand.

Delegate With Confidence knowing Your Virtual Assistant's got This!

An experienced transition manager from Marble Box will work with your Virtual Assistant on pilot tasks and, when ready, will help your Virtual Assistant go live with your agency.

Our Proven Virtual Assistant Process


How are Marble Box Virtual Assistants Different Than The Competition?


At most other insurance outsourcing service providers, ALL of their back-office service employees are considered Virtual Assistants. At Marble Box, we have two different divisions. One being our task processing team and other being our Virtual Assistants.

Our Virtual Assistants are more than just another processing team member. The level of training, management, and communication each Virtual Assistant has is second to none.

The difference between Marble Box and most other service providers is you do not need to manage your Virtual Assistant. We assign a manager to your account that is responsible for your dedicated Virtual Assistant.

Marble Box has a thorough on-boarding and transition process. In addition, our internal team will thoroughly train your Virtual Assistant on your agency specifics, while other service providers require you to handle that step. 

Marble Box assigns a back-up Virtual Assistant to your account. This way, if your Virtual Assistant leaves, or does not work out, you do not experience a prolonged interruption on your account.

Is Marble Box's
Virtual Assistant Plan Right For You?

What Our Clients Have to Say
Working With Marble Box's Virtual Assistants

Letha W.

Foundation Risk Partners

“Virtual Assistants are able to provide front-end assistance to the account managers. Additionally, their knowledge of insurance, lines of business, and dealing with carriers during a hard market is second to none. The project management skills of Marble Box VA's is top notch, allowing our account managers to stand out in a crowd, especially when it comes to client relationships. Our agency would not function as well as we do, without the partnership of these VA's.”

Alexander D.

Dopazo & Associates Insurance

“The team replicates itself magically. I say it's magic because I'm not there doing it.”

Steve E.

Bauld Insurance

“We found the error ratio of the Marble Box teamwork to ours was, is a lot lower. And I think it’s because they're not multitasking. Our staff has to answer the phones and they have other distractions, be it personal or work around them. And Marble Box is just as fast at getting the work done.”

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